Green Country Designs is a family owned and operated website & graphic design company since 2009. Owned & operated by a husband and wife team, Brandon & Qadoshyah Armendariz. They also have two young children, Bradley (15 months old) and Katie (4 months old).

Having been homeschooled, Qadoshyah started learning website & graphic design when she was in junior high and has, over the years, gone from working with her family’s websites and teaching herself Adobe programs, to working with many clients. Brandon started taking online courses in website design when he graduated from high school. Shortly thereafter, he started working with Qadoshyah and building client websites together.

Green Country Designs was originally called Country Girl Designs. But, once Brandon joined the business, the name was changed to Green Country Designs. Green Country Designs has been in operation since 2009. The first client was the Wagoner County Assessor’s office, whose website is still managed by Green Country Designs. Since the start of the business, Green Country Designs has worked with a variety of clients, from small business owners, to doctors, to farms and ranches, to oil and gas companies and many more. From just getting websites up and running for companies, or continuing to be the webmaster for companies, Green Country Designs does it all.

Not only has Green Country Designs done a lot of website related work, they have also been able to provide their clients with affordable print design materials for their business, to match the company branding. With a wide range of client needs, Green Country Designs has printed business cards, catalogs and more.

Because Green Country Designs is run out of Brandon & Qadoshyah’s home, they are able to keep their prices low and give their customers as much time as they need. They enjoy helping their clients develop the best possible website at the most affordable prices. If there is a project that a customer asks them to do that they have never done before, they enjoy working to find the solution and get the project done.

Last, but certainly not least, Brandon & Qadoshyah come from true Christian families and believe the Bible. They encourage you to visit their church website here.

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know more about Green Country Designs. Take a look around the website to see what we can offer you!

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